Business · June 9, 2022

What Type of Shoes to Wear When Pressure Washing a Metal Roof

The most common surfaces that come to mind which might be benefited by a good power wash are wooden, brick based as well as concrete at this current point in time. However, we feel it necessary to mention that metal homes also exist in the real world without a shadow of a doubt, and they need pressure washing just like every other home type that you might be interested in purchasing or perhaps renting out if you can’t afford to buy just yet.

Metal is prone to rust, but if you implement pressure washing the correct way and ensure that it dries properly it would not have time to oxidize. Leaving water pooled on a metal roof can make rusting an inevitable occurrence, so as a result of the fact that this is the case you should maintain proper drainage through the endeavor to keep this at bay. One thing that might impact you while you are pressure cleaning a roof that is made of metal is the slippery nature of this material when exposed to any form of liquid, so you need to wear shoes that can keep you steady lest you fall from a great height and cause yourself some serious injuries.

The best shoes to wear when pressure washing a metal roof have flat soles. You should never wear shoes with spikes because they won’t grip onto the slick metal surface that you are standing on. Any pair of shoes that have a flat, textured sole will be ideal, and you would also probably want to wear rubber soled shoes because they can give you some solid grip while you are standing.